Sustainable brands

Did we mention we’re committed to sustainability? It’s a big part of who we are and why our clients chose us. For nearly 40 years we have made it our goal to source unique gifts that make a memorable impression on customers and employees. We remain committed to championing eco-friendly suppliers and sustainably-sourced materials through our IGC network, which our clients (ASA brands) love.

Our amazing brands include

Team Work

Caroline Bourke
00353 1 6931102
Karolina Filiks
Account Executive
00353 1 6931106
Ilona Chojnacka
Account Executive
+353 21 4845528
Michelle Johnson
00353 21 4845500
Patricia Healy
Account Manager
00353 1 6931108
Paulina Wojtusik
Account Executive

What our clients say:

Sustainability Vision


Responsible collections

We believe the only future for the promotional market is to become 100% sustainable. Promotional products and corporate gifts serve an important purpose: showing appreciation. Aligned with the growing need to support social and responsible production, recycling and reutilisation, we continuously re- examine the way we approach our product and material selection, manufacturing and print production processes. Dedicated to sustainability and the development of a responsible collection, we can project our brands and environmental goals whilst aiding the reduction of landfill waste. Choosing the right materials is an essential part of our strategy eg selecting organic cotton, recycled paper and fabrics, reduced glass or steel materials and products able to be recycled.


Reduce, reuse, recycle

Continuing to waste resources is unacceptable. Previously resources are taken from the ground to make products that for use; and when we no longer need them, they are thrown away: a linear economy. We’re committed to turning this linear economy into a circular economy: keeping products and materials in use. With new ways of thinking, we can redesign the system. We strive to keep learning about the circular economy and the role that society can play in accelerating the shift. Reduce means to minimise the amount of waste we create. Reuse refers to using items more than once. Recycle means repurposing a product instead of throwing it away.

Organisations we support

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